Principal’s Message


A warm welcome to one and all.

Our pujyaniye Gurudev is a universally renowned spiritual and humanitarian leader. His vision is a ‘Violence free, stress free society through reawakening of human values’- this is the basic  inspiration behind the education system of SSRBM.

I strongly feel that ‘Divya Samaj Nirman’ is the dream of Guruji and pre-school are the just right place to begin with. Its in there formative years we can inculate high moral and social values in the kids personalities ‘Deepen the roots and  broaden the vision’-which is also aim of SSRBM Schools.

We start our day with Sarswati vandan and Shlok recitation therefore SSRBM  stands for  value-based education in a stress free environment. Stress free and activity based education will help to explore the true potential of every child for every child is special for sure. The academic year is full of activities, field trips, traditional celebration, annual function and number of competitions to bring out hidden talent in them. Therefore activities not only encourage them to remain active but also keep them happy through out the day. And as is said- A happy mind has happy thoughts and   a happy thought leads to a creative work.

Our teachers receive special orientation and training program by banglore trust office. Various workshops keep them update with latest information and new technologies in child education. Our caring and passionate teachers  provide an atmosphere where in  students feel free to share with them, express themselves and hence make our school just ‘ A home away from home’. Child is properly heard by the teacher which gives them openness of mind and sense of belongingness.

Our methodology is based on Five Aspects of child education as explained by Guruji :

  1. Concept: As solid as the earth
  2. Freedom: Like all the pervading space
  3. Information: Like air
  4. Imagination: Like a spark of fire within us
  5. Attitude: Like water which take the shape of the container.

This methodology ensures that child’s future path will be enlightened with high spiritual values towards his family, his society, his nation and there by whole world.

Our child centric education will ensure the complete overall development of child in all  walks of life. Physical, mental, social, inter personal development with academic excellence.

Above all its Guruji  blessings at their early childhood years that will keep us all motivating and give us strength  to work hard and achieve the goal.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Bal Mandir
G-Sector, Plot no.59, Beside Gokul Sweet Home
Spandan Nagar, CIDCO N4 Aurangabad – 431001, Maharashtra, India

Board Line:0240-2100362, 9403761051